Freak Masturbatory Accident

The act of hurting ones self prepping or during a masturbation session.

In the fervor of fulfilling that evenings vegi-fantasy, Joe left the cantaloupe in the microwave for too long and ended up with 3rd degree burns on his little Joe upon first stab. Running upstairs with keys in one hand and toasty shaft in the other, Joe knew he'd have a hard time explaining this particular FMA to the emergency room staff.
by Eric Morgan December 12, 2006
A term that started at a high school on the Puget Sound Peninsula, meaning "Fuck Mr. Ande". Students at the school began saying it after being busted by the first floor vice principal. It has now expanded as something to say after ever being abused by authority.
teacher: "what were you doing out in the woods?! Smokin a blunt?!"
student 1: "no we were just hanging out"
teacher: "come with me"
student 2: "FMA
by R@1nm@k3r June 13, 2009
fuck my ass with your penis, and cum inside me
When I need to have you stick your penis (cock) up my ass and fuck me (FMA)
by nelson.d.e April 30, 2008
finger my asshole
can you fma please, im quite bored.
by rickrockxxx July 19, 2008
From the movie NED (australian) a comedy based on Ned Kelly the outlaw bushranger, from a scene the police comander says Fuck My Ass, i later abrievated it to FMA.
Instead of saying Fuck Me/ Fuck My Ass, and in the presence of elders FMA.
FMA she's got a nice ass
fuck My Ass, i can't believe its not beer
Fuck Me/ Fuck My Ass
by Biggrunny April 27, 2008
Fuck Me Arms. Referring to a male that has arms that are so ripped and toned, one would like to fuck them. It is unacceptable to refer to another part of the body as an FMA by adjusting the acronym, such as Fuck Me Legs- FML's. There is no such thing. Only FMA's.
Girl 1: That guy over there is so hot. He has really nice arms.
Girl 2: Yeah he does! You should fuck him!
Girl 1: I just want to fuck his arms! He has Fuck Me Arms!
Girl 2: FMA's! Hahahahaha!
by HoForth August 04, 2007
Fuck My Ass.

Use in place of another swearword, or phrase when you are upset.
*playing video game*
*something bad happens*
by Meonno January 09, 2005

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