FMA is short form for 'fuck my ass' commonly used by sexually frustrated teens or fangirls .
Teen: *Sees a picture of Harry styles*
Teen: Ugh! Harry styles can FMA uhhhhhhhhhh
by LOUISxHARRY October 11, 2014
The word meaning Fuck my ass. Used in many different emotions.
Girl 1: hey you ready to go to school?

Girl 2: FMA! I hate school .
by LOUISxHARRY September 11, 2014
Fuck My Autocorrect
I love eating new people.
*meeting* FMA
by bruno512 May 07, 2011
Fuck My Ass and can be used in a good or bad way.
FMA, I scored a goal!!!

My mom died, FMA.
by yoda300 September 28, 2011
FMA - Fuck My Age
girl - i want to wear heels . FMA :(
by dana101 August 24, 2011
Future Milf of America, as in a young girl who will grow up to be a milf.
That 8 year old girl over there is a total FMA
by FMA_Pro December 21, 2010
Finger My Asshole; used to express disinterest in doing a specific task. e.g. "up yours" or "screw you" or "hell no!"
"Hey do me a favor"
"Finger my asshole!"

Hey will you help me here?

by Fabforbes November 05, 2010

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