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Fuck My Autocorrect
I love eating new people.
*meeting* FMA
by bruno512 May 07, 2011
Fuck My Ass and can be used in a good or bad way.
FMA, I scored a goal!!!

My mom died, FMA.
by yoda300 September 28, 2011
FMA - Fuck My Age
girl - i want to wear heels . FMA :(
by dana101 August 24, 2011
Future Milf of America, as in a young girl who will grow up to be a milf.
That 8 year old girl over there is a total FMA
by FMA_Pro December 21, 2010
Finger My Asshole; used to express disinterest in doing a specific task. e.g. "up yours" or "screw you" or "hell no!"
"Hey do me a favor"
"Finger my asshole!"

Hey will you help me here?

by Fabforbes November 05, 2010
Freak Masturbatory Accident

The act of hurting ones self prepping or during a masturbation session.

In the fervor of fulfilling that evenings vegi-fantasy, Joe left the cantaloupe in the microwave for too long and ended up with 3rd degree burns on his little Joe upon first stab. Running upstairs with keys in one hand and toasty shaft in the other, Joe knew he'd have a hard time explaining this particular FMA to the emergency room staff.
by Eric Morgan December 12, 2006
A term that started at a high school on the Puget Sound Peninsula, meaning "Fuck Mr. Ande". Students at the school began saying it after being busted by the first floor vice principal. It has now expanded as something to say after ever being abused by authority.
teacher: "what were you doing out in the woods?! Smokin a blunt?!"
student 1: "no we were just hanging out"
teacher: "come with me"
student 2: "FMA
by R@1nm@k3r June 13, 2009