Freak Masturbatory Accident

The act of hurting ones self prepping or during a masturbation session.

In the fervor of fulfilling that evenings vegi-fantasy, Joe left the cantaloupe in the microwave for too long and ended up with 3rd degree burns on his little Joe upon first stab. Running upstairs with keys in one hand and toasty shaft in the other, Joe knew he'd have a hard time explaining this particular FMA to the emergency room staff.
by Eric Morgan December 12, 2006
Top Definition
FMA is short for Fullmetal Alchemist.
It is an anime and manga filled with Action, Adventure, and Comedy. It's about the Elric brothers who are alchemists. It starts off with the brothers trying to bring their dead mother back to life with alchemy, but then Edward (older) loses an arm and a leg, and Alphonse (younger) loses his whole body.
There is said to be 52 episodes for the series. And in Japan, it is called Hagame no Renkinjustsushi.
omg when is ANBU and A-keep going to release the next FMA
*DUMBef was kicked from #anbudom (read the rules)
*efTARD was kicked from #anime-keep (read the damn rules)
by FMA Rocks April 11, 2004
FMA is short for Fullmetal Alchemist (aka. Full Metal Alchemist).
FMA's real name in Japaneese is Hagane no Renkinjutsushi.

The Anime started airing at
04.10.2003 and ended 02.10.2004.

FMA has 51 Episodes and one Movie that was released 23.07.2005.

FMA is one of the worlds greatest Animes according to some toplists in some websites.
- Hey dude! Wanna see some FMA?
- Eyy... ya mean Fullmetal Alchemist?
- You're smart dude! Of course i mean that!
- Ok, duuuude. Lets go!
by Klibbnisse June 22, 2005
The acronym for fuck my ass.
in the song choke me by the used Bert McCracken screams FMA many times.
by Myra Anne March 09, 2007
Fullmetal alchemist. It is an anime that rocks socks.
"What's FMA?"
"Fullmetal Alchemist. It rocks socks."
by insanealchemy December 10, 2006
When you spend your Christmas in facebook instead of with your family.
John: Hey Freddy, what are you going to do for Christmas?
Freddy: Oh, well, I'm going to go with my family to eat and sing some carols, how about you?
John: Well, I'm going to look at pictures of people I don't know in facebook.
Freddy: Okay, well have a merry f-mas!!!
by chesthair December 26, 2010
"Fuck my ass!" A term indicating extreme anger.
Susie: You need to finish that paper for English class.

Rachel: FMA!!!!
by lightbulbs April 11, 2010
FMA is a growing trend meaning "fuck my asshole" it is a term regularly used when something bad happens replacing the old term fml. it is said that this word has originated from the gypsy land.
Teacher:you failed your test
oh FMA
by serbans dad May 23, 2013
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