code name for the most dangerous, tough white kid in the world
Damn! FM just kicked the shit out of some kid and then bug dropped him!
by lebron May 04, 2004
Top Definition

radio modulation techique where information (usally voice or music) is added to the signal and changed by varying the freqeuncy of the transmitter. FM is the most commonly used modulation for radio signals techneque above 30 MHz.

the term "FM" is also used to refer to the broadcast band from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz, using that same modulation mode.
FM signals have less static because changes in frequency do not pick up interferance that AM-modulated signals do.
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 17, 2003
f*cking magic, as in pondering computers and periphials
"How does rebuilding my desktop make my computer run better?"

"It's FM."
by Sam Bass March 12, 2005
Fuck Me plain and simple a short way for a fem to say to a guy "Please fuck my brains out"
"Hi, Jake, FM?" "Sure, when?"
by Summer September 01, 2004
the craziest most talked about school in CNY. known for the rich kids and their nice cars and some kick ass parties. made up of a lot of smarties and potheads. They enjoy blowing up toilits, making all the newspaper headlines and news channels. They got even more known when they made it on MTV pranks. sickkkk
Fayetteville Manlius fucking rules!!

bob: dude you going to that feild party some F-M kids r throwing?

billy: nah dude im going to the beer party the football teams throwing and then hitting up some other ones
FM student 1 : yo u driving your beamer today
Student 2 : no my dad just got me a lexus
by ohshitbaby May 16, 2006
Short for Football Manager.

A game in which the user manages a football team.

'Let's play some FM, mate'
by devoindahouse April 16, 2009
FM or FEM both stand for Far East Movement.
Now Playing FM-Like A G6
by VivaLaJuicyyy January 14, 2011
FM - abbreviation of "fat mess" a term used to describe someone who is not only carrying a "few extra pounds" but are also rough as a badger arse hole and utterly offensive to look at.
Carly: "ugh, look at that complete fm down the cake isle"

Ben: "oh god, it's a completely offensive gross"
by Benit September 11, 2011
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