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A term or phrase used to describe how a concept, idea, or equation operates. Heard most extensively from college students studying complex educational programs such as advanced mathematics or electro optics, the “F” stands for “F**king” and the “M” stands for “Magic”. The FM Principle can be used to describe: how a professor arrived at the answer to an equation, how a professor determined your grade for an assignment, or for instance, how to derive the transfer function of a 5th order chebyshev low pass filter.

When a concept or idea seems beyond the scope of reason or is considered unfathomable, it is often referred to as the "FM Principle".
College Student 1: How did the professor get that number?

College Student 2: Oh that? That's the FM Principal.

College Student 1: Huh?

College Student 2: The FM Principal... It's F**king Magic!
by Ydarb Smailliw October 14, 2008
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