1.) someone who is a MAJOR flirt but not quite a slut, usually a girl. Will often wear skanky clothes, flirt with tons of guys at once and "steal" boys from their friends or other girls.

2.) a flirty and/or bitchy person. Once again, usually a girl.
God, did you hear about what happened with Brandon and Shannon? She is such a f-ing flut.
by Jynxed October 27, 2009
An urban term for a fucking slut, usually used in confrontations. Occasionally used as an attempt to sound more ghetto.

Originated in New Canaan, CT, but rarely used there. Rather, it has spread across New England and is commonly used in WASP-dominated towns. Many believe that it originated in the projects of Brooklyn during the early 2000s; this has most likely contributed to its popularity as a "ghetto" term.
Jane, you're such a flut.

Get out of my face, flut.

Talk to the hand, flut.
by Andrea and Popo November 04, 2006
A word that can be used for a work safe environment that can replace the expletive "fuck".

Although the previous listed entries can be used, this version of the word was created by Jerky on Acurazine.com
on Jan 2005
"You stupid flut"

"Flut Yeah"

"you flutting bish"

"flut me you stallion"

"shut the flut up"
by Jerky January 23, 2005
Combination of Fake and Slut. Girl who is mostly talk.
"Wow Jess can you believe these stories Jen has, all so Bull what A flut!"
by John Campbell March 17, 2004
another word for 'slut'. if you don't feel like saying 'slut', say 'flutt'. you can call someone a 'slut' without them understanding.
Omg Erin, you're such a flut!
by Krista and Erin September 06, 2006
n. a person who is both fake and slutty. A wanna be mean girl.
Uhh, she was acting like such a FLUT!
by FROST December 10, 2004
a blunt or joint
pass the flut
by super CHOLE December 09, 2003

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