Figuratively Laughing Out Loud.
It's like LOL but more honest.
That was kind of funny, I'm flol.
by tresbizarre January 14, 2011
Top Definition
Definition for FLOL is as follows "Fucking LOL, Fucking Laugh Out Loud"
Speaker 1: "One time when I was sitting in the movie theater, I shit in my pants"

Speaker 2: "Flol, you dumbass, did you take a picture?"
by mr_fiux July 06, 2005
Falling Laughing Out Loud
Roy's joke was so funny that Janette FLOL'd

Roy thinks he has swag? FLOL!
by r3kyum April 07, 2011
Acronym for "fashionably laugh out loud"

Useful for fashionable people who wish to express that they are loling
Person A: "Hey, the opening ceremony is over? Wow, I'm fashionably late."
Fashionable Person B: "FLOL! You're crazy, you're two hours late, that's not fashionable at all!"
by papayoda August 05, 2012
It means FALSE lol (false laugh out loud). Such as when someone says a fuckin retarded joke in an IM or even real life. FLol is used instead of saying the bland "lol" (the use of lol may make the person feel like they're actually funny). The use of flol in this situation makes the person that made the joke know they're a complete douche and that the joke wasn't funny.

pronounced FLAWL
Subway Douche - "Hey! You want that sandwhich toasted?"
Michael- "Sure!"
Subway Douche- "Toasted like an eskimo in Texas?"
Michael - "Flol"
Subway Douche - "What?"
Michael - "Means your a douche, toast my sandwhich you woman."
by Michael Hill June 17, 2008
fuck "lol". the proper response to someone who uses LOL.
<toxic> heh!
<flatline> LOL
<toxic> FLOL
<flatline> i hate myself
by toxicthunder January 11, 2004
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