Friggin' Laggy Asshole / Fucking Laggy Asshole (Also see lag)
"Those FLAs are screwing up the server again..."

"Are you going to the GYM today? - Nah... - You FLA."

"Sorry I'm late. I missed the bus by just two seconds today..." - "Tough luck you FLA!"
by Soulnova March 09, 2010
Fuckin' Lame Ass Shit. An expression of disgust, distaste, disappointment, depression, or anger. It was formed in late April 2008 and its usage in popular culture has slowly been growing since then. The origin of the word was in Central California in San Luis Obispo County. There are many possible uses for this word and it could apply to many different situations.
Scenario: You and your poor friends finally save up enough money to buy an ice cream cone. In every group of friends there is always one person who screws everything up. And this time, that individual drops the ice cream cone.

Appropriate response:
Dude that was FLAS. Way to be FLAS. You are FLAS man... Dude....really? Thanks man. Thanks.
by Ratyn Osterflo May 19, 2008
FLA is a three-letter-acronym for four-letter-acronym
LMAO is an example of FLA.
by Alasdaironor January 22, 2008
Something you say as you begin to do an uncontrollable hand movement the happens near that Crotch area, one witnessing Jackie Chan with no shirt.

Information received from D.I.C.K
( Detroit's Institution of Chinese kids )
Timithy: Hey broseph, wana watch rush hour 2????
Daniel: OK!!!! LOL
(scene were carter and lee are at the massage place.)
Daniel: wow! Jackie chan with no shirt Fla fla FLA! THERE SHE BLOWS!
by Dr.Saco February 17, 2009
fla is the shortened word for a cigarette filter(s) used with rolling tobacco
Me: Have you got any filters?
H: Yeah Ive got fla
by longgwan January 28, 2009

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