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A unique trick in which alcohol is poured into an asshole. When a fart is imminent, a lighter or lit match is held near the anus. Everyone shouts "fire in the hole" as the expelled alcohol vapor briefly creates a ball of fire.
Man sticks his shaved ass in the air. Farts loudly. Puff of fire appears.

Everyone shouts, "Fire in the hole."
by sukebe November 18, 2006
1. An oil drilling term for oil well fires.

2. Armaments or projectiles in the area.

3. A saying by (males) referring to the exual prowess of red haired women, drawing on the stereotype of redhaired women being more passionate.
"RED on top! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!"
by BBackward June 03, 2006
(n) Sensation one gets the morning after eating ethnic food containing hot peppers, especially Jalepeños. The feeling is felt from the anus about 2 inches up the rectum.
Dude 1:Whew... that was some good chow from the Messican Joint on Harry Hines.
Dude 2: Yeah, but after eating 14 armadillo eggs, I'm gonna have fire in the hole tomorrow morning.
by Leif April 06, 2005
The act of putting a lighted match up ones 'hole' and farting.
I just had a fire in the hole and burned my hand off!
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 15, 2004
Kinky sex act in which one partner dips their tongue in hot sauce before giving a rim job.
Dave's Insanity sauce creates incredibly painful, but erotic experience for both (or all) people involved.
by Papa Smurf January 11, 2004
The act of having anal sex with someone without using any lubricant. the friction between the anus and penis will cause smoke. member 1 pulls penis out of member 2's anus. member 2 then proceeds to push out smoke that was caused from the friction. thus, leading to "Fire in the hole"
Don Julio bangged Josephina in her ass. when he pulled it out, he yelled "Fire In The Hole!" and she blew smoke out her ass
by OhFaSho January 30, 2006
1 (verb)
a hilarious yet immensely cruel act involving a car full of you and your friends, a drive-thru fast food establishment, and an order of a large water. the procedure goes as follows:

a) roll down passenger window (or open sunroof if available).
b) go to a fast food place in a car full of friends, order a large water.
c) when handed the water, immediately pass it over to the passenger.
d) passenger pops out of aforementioned window, water in hand.
e) everyone yells 'FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!' at the exact moment the passenger throws the water into the window of the fast food restaurant.
f) drive off REALLY fast, and laugh hysterically.
g) feel really bad.

2 (exclamation)
what you and your friends yell upon performing a 'fire in the hole'
1) jack and his friends laughed for 4 straight days after performing a 'fire in the hole' at a local Wendy's.

2) jack, bob, jim, brian, and garry hilariously exclaimed 'FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!' while performing a 'fire in the hole' at a local Wendy's.
by bluie April 14, 2005