The act of giving someone anal sex, whilst using hot sauce as a lubrication.
That bitch agreed to to let me stick it in her brown eye, but little does she know shes about to get a fire in the hole.
by The Real Poop Ninja December 29, 2010
Common signal used among married couples. It allows the pair to go on, business as usual, and still have sex without bothering the husband with all that foreplay nonsense. The woman goes into the bedroom and works herself into a lather using whatever means necessary (nothing for the man to concern himself with). The man hits the record button on the remote, gives her the whammy jammy, and then takes a nap. The woman is free to go about her chores, or chat on the phone.
Betty needed the Wizmatic Double-Dong to do the trick, but she managed to work up a reasonable wide on. She put both hands to her mouth and called, "Fire in the hole!" She set herself to an appropriate position as she heard Mario lurching off the couch and scratching himself. She lay with her cheek sideways on the pillow and felt the cooling draft on her taint when Mario swung open the door. And then he was upon her, writhing like a captured weasel, spending himself like casino chips and collapsing over her back. Without missing a beat, Betty swung around the wizmatic and locked onto her target, guiding the rocket to ground zero. She grabbed a pear of sweats, went to the fridge, and grabbed a pint of Haagen-Daaz. Betty dropped herself onto the couch, and turned on Lifetime, while the snores of Mario rumbled steadily from the bedroom.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008

An Internet phenomenon in which you go to the McDonalds or Sonic drive-through and proceed to order a LARGE Quantity over quality sticky soda, like Dr. Pepper. Then, when the person gives it to you, rip off the top and scream "FIRE IN THE HOLE", and splash the soda all over them and their face. Then drive like fuck. This leaves them sticky and soaked. Best done around noon, when all hope of going home to shower is lost.
John: Last night I went firing in the hole with Brian. The take-out lady was fucking soaked.

Mark: Ahahaha, I fucking love fire in the hole.
by Mr.PipeBomb January 27, 2012
The act of receiving head from your GF while playing Call of duty.

When ejactulating in the givers mouth the receiver must shout FIRE IN THE HOLE!.
Hey Cindy can i get a fire in the hole, Im on target for a nuke.

* after receiving head *


Bam shes got mouth full of cum.

* Continue gaming *
by AuthenticMK June 24, 2010
When you get fucked so hard it burns
she screamed "FIRE IN THE HOLE" as he rammed his member in her anus
by Pokewritesdefinitions October 24, 2014
When you take a large shit and then your butt hole burns as you wipe and shit more.
Bob: Hey why you walking like that?
Jimmy: I just had fire in the hole
by One Job Jew July 06, 2014
The phrase uttered by a seriously constipated person as a good-luck expression just before trying a waxy suppository for the very first time (typically one you steal from your grandma's medicine cabinet).

20 minutes later, you find out how fuckin' wise grandma actually is.
Molly: (whispering) ....Fire in the hole ....

(20 minutes later, after Molly shits her colon inside-out and rinses it in the sink)

Grandma: (Knock-knock) ....Oh, honey, run the fan and light a match.
by DailyBlatherer January 08, 2013

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