Common signal used among married couples. It allows the pair to go on, business as usual, and still have sex without bothering the husband with all that foreplay nonsense. The woman goes into the bedroom and works herself into a lather using whatever means necessary (nothing for the man to concern himself with). The man hits the record button on the remote, gives her the whammy jammy, and then takes a nap. The woman is free to go about her chores, or chat on the phone.
Betty needed the Wizmatic Double-Dong to do the trick, but she managed to work up a reasonable wide on. She put both hands to her mouth and called, "Fire in the hole!" She set herself to an appropriate position as she heard Mario lurching off the couch and scratching himself. She lay with her cheek sideways on the pillow and felt the cooling draft on her taint when Mario swung open the door. And then he was upon her, writhing like a captured weasel, spending himself like casino chips and collapsing over her back. Without missing a beat, Betty swung around the wizmatic and locked onto her target, guiding the rocket to ground zero. She grabbed a pear of sweats, went to the fridge, and grabbed a pint of Haagen-Daaz. Betty dropped herself onto the couch, and turned on Lifetime, while the snores of Mario rumbled steadily from the bedroom.
by Pantaloon January 09, 2008
Top Definition
A warning that you yell out when an explosion is imminent.
"Fire in the hole!!" *BOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!*
by Joshiro007 February 20, 2003

4: a natural red-head.
Though most bottle blonds will never bleach their lower hair, there is nothing like fire in the hole to know that the girl is real.
by Nco November 23, 2003
term yelled at the drive thru of a fast food restaurant right before one throws their beverage through the drive-thru window at the minumum wage worker.
"we were going through the drive-thru of Burger King and Matt totally pwnd the drive thru lady by giving her the fire in the hole"
by Matt and Brian July 07, 2007
a phrase you hear every secound if you enter a cs (or css) server with many players (about 45 players should do). because every time someone throws a nade, everyone hears "fire in the hole" it doesnt matter where this person stands, you always hear it bacause its a radio command. at first it's annoing but you get used to it fast.
round starts

buying guns noises, dropping guns noises.

ok lets go! (many footstepps at once)

fire in the hole! fire in the hole! fire i, Fire in the hole fir fire in the fire in the fire in the hole!

you: turning down speakers.
by anonymous144973847394 June 06, 2009
1. A standard warning indicating that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent. (Often used as a military term when a grenade is being thrown into a bunker.)

2. A term used to describe a form of crop dusting when a person farts in an elevator just before getting off so that anyone remaining in the elevator is trapped with the lingering smell until they get to their destination floor.

A fire in the hole can also be used to describe when a person is in an elevator alone and farts just before exiting if the smell lingers long enough to accost the next person who is unfortunate enough to get onto that elevator.
Bob from accounting let a fire in the hole this morning and I couldn't breathe through my nose until we got to the fifteenth floor!
by atxbaby July 07, 2006
after you take a huge shit your butthole still burns for many minutes.
friend: dude why are you walking so weird?

you: dude i just got fire in the hole

friend: i am so sorry
by CA-MACHO September 08, 2011
1) Something said when an explosion is imminent.

2) Something said when an ass explosion is imminent (usually one of those pre-shit ones that smell like rotting dead people.)
1) "Fire in the Hole!" **BOOM!!**

2) "Fire in the Hole!"
"Oh, sweet holy Christ what is that smell?"
by Mike3 November 21, 2003
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