term yelled at the drive thru of a fast food restaurant right before one throws their beverage through the drive-thru window at the minumum wage worker.
"we were going through the drive-thru of Burger King and Matt totally pwnd the drive thru lady by giving her the fire in the hole"
by Matt and Brian July 07, 2007
To get fucked in the ass by a large, hairy, redhead(ginger)
Doyd was caught off guard when he got the surprise Fire in the Hole
by gzizzle January 07, 2012
Licking the inside of a Big Red gum wrapper and then rubbing it on your butthole to achieve a delightful, spicy sensation.
The other day I was bored and gave myself a fire in the hole. My day got immediately better.
by Big Beaver, Exit 69 May 29, 2010

An Internet phenomenon in which you go to the McDonalds or Sonic drive-through and proceed to order a LARGE Quantity over quality sticky soda, like Dr. Pepper. Then, when the person gives it to you, rip off the top and scream "FIRE IN THE HOLE", and splash the soda all over them and their face. Then drive like fuck. This leaves them sticky and soaked. Best done around noon, when all hope of going home to shower is lost.
John: Last night I went firing in the hole with Brian. The take-out lady was fucking soaked.

Mark: Ahahaha, I fucking love fire in the hole.
by Mr.PipeBomb January 27, 2012
When a red head has a bad case of pubic hair on her ass.
We were about to fuck, until i screamed Fire In The Hole!
by Cameron Whitlow October 10, 2011
A ginger's butthole, the hair around said butthole is red, making it a fire in the hole
Boy: Yo Taylor's got a fire in the hole!
Other Boy: Damn! Why doesn't she shave that?
by sassykitty94 February 24, 2012
This is when someone performs cunnilingus shortly after eating hot (spicy) food.
Person1: I can't believe my girlfriend wants me to go down on her, and she won't return the favor!
Person2: So teach her a lesson.
Person1: How would I do that?
Person2: Fire in the hole!
by Quid Pro Quodlibet June 13, 2009
When you eat a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos and eat a girl out.
DUDE!!! I gave that girl a fire in the hole!!!!
Baby!! Fire in my hole!!
Give me a fire in my hole!
Dude, I think I fired in her hole once.
Last night, he totally fired in my hole.
That shit burned!
by Gman2011 March 11, 2011

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