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The acronym for "Figure It Out"
When somebody (aka a pledge) keeps asking you stupid questions about a relatively minor task, you just tell them to "FIO"
by Dane McLeod July 03, 2007
139 93
A young New York Rap artist
-WOW! Bro this song "Wish You Knew" is amazing.
-Who is this?
by Todawgliutethat up May 31, 2007
135 59
The definition for F.I.O. is Fart It Off. First known use in 1963 in Colorado. When a situation emerges over which you have little reasonable control just Fart It Off.
When my boss decided to chew my butt today for no good reason I decided to just F.I.O. and do my job.
by Bill Mahan May 25, 2008
23 5
Acronym for the phrase "Figure it out".
John- "What are you doing tonight?"

Jane- "Not sure yet, but I need to FIO."
by Ya Boy FIO December 20, 2013
1 0
Text and IM speak for "Figure It Out".
Chelsea: "OMG!!! How do you make the car go vrooom!!??"
Zoe: " Wow Chelsea, F.I.O why don't ya!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008
4 4
What ElusiveBooger can walk to, but can't have, yet.... >:) (supa high speed internet)
I want Fios and only Keller gets it!!!!
by ElusiveBooger September 12, 2004
25 59
This abbreviaion stands for "fuck it off" and describes a lack of enthusiasm by someone to a given subject.
Question: "Are you going to lesson?"
Answer: "Nah, fio"

another elongated example is
"fuck it right off"
by G October 07, 2004
11 96