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FINAO (fin-ay-o) is a registered trademark for FINAO. It stands for Failure Is Not An Option, and resides at finaonation dot com.

A FINAO is a personal statement of success, value, or importance. A FINAO is an individuals definition of success, defined on their own terms!
Examples of Finao statements (Finao's)

1. My wife and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary, while panning our 50th - FINAO!

2. Getting into gear this year. Increasing GPA by 1.5 points, losing 35 pounds, and getting more family time - FINAO!

3. In my third attempt, completing the big marathon - FINAO!

4. Not giving in, Never giving up on my fight against breast cancer - FINAO!
by wagreene007 January 21, 2012
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FINAO is an acronym for Failure Is Not An Option.
man we have to win that game tonight! FINAO!
by shslifee January 18, 2012
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