Fake rims. The cheap plastic snap on rim/spinner you can buy at walmart for a couple of bucks.
Bill: Yo, look at john's brand new shiny rims, must be expensive.

Kevin: Nah, he just bought the fims from walmart
by D.C. Goddy April 26, 2008
Abbreviation for 'Fucking impossible, mate'. Coined by a developer in the early nineties, it is still widely used today.

Used to indicate that a(n often simple) development request cannot be completed.
"Can we change the formatting on the grid columns?"

"Nah, that's FIM."
by B. Gates & S. Jobs' Lovechild January 21, 2013
Abbreviation (often used in text form) for "Fair is Muff" which in turn is slang for "fair enough". Similar adaptions to fair enough are Fairy's muff and Furry muff, spoken quickly to sound as much like fair enough as possible.
you: hey he's busy Sheening I think, we won't hear back for a few days.
me: FiM.
by Juronron February 21, 2012
Stands for "foot in mouth", which is when you say something incredibly awkward without giving it much thought beforehand.
"I totally had a FIM moment last night at Evan's party."
by Kay Bee March 22, 2012
Facebook Instant Messenger. A process where two (or more) persons have an absurd conversation using some other unlucky person's Facebook wall. This process gives the victim hundreds of notifications, a giant-ass conversation on their wall and is a great way to pass the time online. Common procedure includes signing in (ex. iliketitties42 has entered chat), using away messages in response to any other post (auto response from iliketitties42: i am currently taking a shit) and signing off (iliketitties42 has left chat). A great prank to pull on uptight people or people who take their lives too seriously.
John Smith

totally!!! i love that shit. lets do it and film it and put it on this kid's wall. god i love FIMing people
July 19 at 10:03am · Comment · Like Unlike · See Wall-to-Wall

Jane Doe
if you do it again i'll eat it out of your ass?
July 19 at 10:02am · Comment · Like Unlike · See Wall-to-Wall

John Smith

dude i just took the biggest shit everrrrr
July 19 at 10:01am · Comment · Like Unlike · See Wall-to-Wall

Jane Doe
ihavetitties43 has entered chat
July 19 at 10:01am · Comment · Like Unlike · See Wall-to-Wall

John Smith

iliketitties42 has entered chat
July 19 at 10:00am · Comment · Like Unlike · See Wall-to-Wall
by Dr Zhivago July 22, 2009
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