a high class hoe wit da extreme "wet wet" coo
to good to be aqufina, pussy so good its balln water like fiji
damn that bitch last night had that fiji,
man i fucked yo hoe b4 she got that aqua but my girl got that fiji!
by k mills & murda mook November 14, 2007
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FIJI(Fee-Gee) n. 1.) A group of brothers that will never be torn apart. 2.) A fraternity unique from the start. 3.) A prestigious mark. 4.) A land in which you can find my heart
Person 1: Frats are for fags.

Person 2: I don't know, I'm in a fraternity and I've had a great experience. It's fun, I've met really great people and I've found lifelong friends through my fraternity. Plus it's how I met my wife. Do you think I'm a fag?

Person 1: No, but what kind of frat offers you all of that?

Person 2: FIJI.
by bbthethird December 07, 2008
The most beautiful group of tropical islands known to man.

A multiracial society of friendly and laid back people.

Tourism is Fiji's main commodity. Gets tourists from all over. Famous people who have holidayed in the Fiji Islands include: Russel Crowe, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise to name a few.

Fiji's military has peacekeeping troops in Iraq, Lebanon and other places.

Famous for kava and Fiji Water.
Person A: Uh, I need a great holiday spot
Person B: Try Fiji
Person A: Uh, where is that?
Person B: I don't really know, but I hear they got girls,bikinis and beaches...Hey where'd you go?
Person A: To pack my shit, I'm off to Nadi
by holiday freak January 15, 2007
the best damn water you can possibly buy. idc who you are fiji water is effin amazing. it tastes great, has a kick ass lookin bottle n is all around awesome. peepl just complain cuz they cant afford it...its about a thousand times better than poland spring and aqufina and dasani...the only water that compares to it is either Aquideco or Berg
2 people at a store
person 1- il have a bottle of poland spring please. (cost. $1)
person 2- il take a bottle of fiji (cost:$2.75)
person 1- WTF? y u drinkinj fiji its just the same as poland spring
person 2- Bitch NO! fiji has minerals and comes from an aquifer from a remote volcano! jeez. so ignorant ....not all water is the same
person 2- im sorry i didnt realize how awesome fiji water is
by m954 July 10, 2008
The act of stabbing another person in a non-specific body part with the tip of his or her fingers. The victim usually rendered helpless, confused, or shocked after the fact.
Person 1: Hey, my sister just fiji'd me.

Person 2: Where?

Person 1: In the gooch.

Person 2: You got pwned bitch.
by Jaximo October 12, 2010
A nickname for used for a brown dark person with big hands and big feet whom is from the Fiji Islands. Usually a male with the first name, Vareesh, recieves this nickname.
Yo FIJI! What you up to tonight, Mr. Brown?
by E-N M April 28, 2007
Fucking Is Just Interesting

by fijiandude June 18, 2009

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