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Fuck If I Know

Used when you are totally clueless or do not care about the subject matter.
A: Do you know who won the game last night?

B: FIIK man, I don't even like sports.
by Visible Ninja March 24, 2010
fuck if I know
what are we going to do tonight? FIIK
by am December 30, 1999
fucked if i know
by Duncan April 14, 2003
Fuck If I Know... used in response to something you either 1. have no idea about or 2. could give less shit about.
TJ: What time do we have to be at work?

Meaghan: FIIK. Whenever we get there.
by meaghanbrez August 23, 2008
Acronym for: Fuck If I Know
Dude1: Hey Bob you know the score to the Browns Steelers game?
Dude2: .... FIIK man!
by Fizz :) March 05, 2006
A shorthand for the expression "Fuck if I Know." Also indicates you don't really care.
What's the population of France? FIIK
by BilboFnBaggins January 25, 2014
Acronym: Fuck If I Know.

It is a definitive statement used primarily by those who are tired of answering probing questions into a subject that the user either does not know or could care less about. Usually employed in online conversation or when trying to watch one's tongue.
Example 1

Person 1: "Dude, Do you know where i put put my car keys"
Person 2: "Seriously for the twentieth time. FIIK!"

Example 2
after being interrobanged for the 18th time in the game of 20 questions by a significant other the answers can become shortly stated as FIIK
by user 824675 March 10, 2010