A stuffed animal or other toy turned into a jack-off device.
the desperate guy stuck his dick in2 the ass of his stuffed bunny that he had when he was a kid...cummed all over the fuckin stuffing.
by c8lin April 27, 2004
Top Definition
Acronym for "Father I'd Enjoy Fucking"
Male equivalent of MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck)
Used to describe a man who has children and is also very sexually desirable.
Dayum. Mr. Ontiveros has several children and is also very visually stimulating, he is definitely a FIEF.
by G.L.O.C. January 07, 2009
Noun. A piece of land held under the feudal system.
"Daimyo were deprived of their fiefs, and samurai of their swords."
by Bothi June 05, 2006
A cute little bunny with blue eyes.
by ... November 02, 2003
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