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Short for the word fhqwhgads from
Get this freaking FHQ away from me!
by GWR October 03, 2004
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Future Humiliation Quotient

Any material that one posts willingly on the web whithout thinking that it will actually stay on the web, for years; and that one will undoubtedly wish sooner or laterthat he had never posted this material.

Photos, text or videos of overconfident people have a particularly high FHQ.
"- Do you mind if I make of movie of you playing wii boxing and put in on youtube?
- Yes my friend. What if my employer find it accidentally ? the FHQ is too high, you cant do that"

The highest FHQ known so far is to be creditted to a french IT worker who realised a short video of himself as THE business man you need for your company.
This video is considered as the standard of highest FHQ level

by Defar November 22, 2007
1. First Hand Quality

2. Fuck you
That is a sweet FHQ shirt, huh Jim?
by Jay Dog December 11, 2003

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