Top Definition
Facial Hair Potential.
Used to describe males who have reached a certain age and have the potential for stubble (and are therefore more attractive) but do not necessarily let it get out of hand, crazy-beard style.
omg check out the FHP on that dude...
by yayayayayayayayayay1 November 30, 2010
Fucking Hate People. This acronym may be used to quickly describe your hatred and annoyance towards others. Often used by the younger generation.
Omg everyone in the library is talking so loudly FHP.
by Gangsta Squirrel February 08, 2015
Foamy Horse Pussy
She's got some fhp.
by Deek October 08, 2003
Fake Hoe Phase

When a girl gets so tired of getting rejected by her crushes that she decides that she's beautiful and they're really stupid for not seeing her beauty. So she flirts with a lot of the guys that like her until one guy comes along that she really likes and she stops and is back to herself.
She's just going through her FHP.
by โ˜†โ™กโ˜† June 06, 2016
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