Acronym for "first hand experience."

Used online.
I have been told that the steak is good at that restaurant, but I have no FHE.
by swerdna June 20, 2006
Top Definition
FHE is an acronym for Family Home Evening. Family home evening is what the mormons do every monday night. They get together as a family, play games, tell stories, etc. Also known as Family Night but this occurs on a weekly basis.
"Let's go swimming tomorrow."
"Okay, but I have to be home by 7."
by NinjaSteve June 09, 2009
it means Fucking Human Error! mostly seaman officer's use this as expression when their men or subordinate made something terribly wrong because lack of knowledge. Sometimes use this when sea disaster or a to vessel collide with each other.
Officer: AB!( Able Body Seaman ) take a sounding at WBT4 and report to me if it's almost full we will stop the pump in.
AB: Yes sir! I will take sounding at WBT4 then report to you if almost full.
(10 minutes later WBT4 already overflowing)
Officer: AB WBT4 is now overflowing
AB: i'm sorry sir! I forgot and fell asleep.
Officer: FHE! why is the company hiring people like you!
by Toybits August 22, 2013
A slight tap to the balls resulting in a slight pain. It is said as a sound effect. Pronounced feh
My friend hit me and described it as a fhe.
by blablaboy May 19, 2009
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