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Fat Girl Potential ( just heard this one yesterday )

When an hot, shapely girl with a hearty appetite has the potential to balloon in weight gain. It starts with the girl's ass growing in width, filling out her already tight clothes and overtaking her office chair. Delightful sight, by the way...
Damn, her ass is getting bigger and bigger! She's got real FGP!
#chunky but funky #chunky monkey #fat mama cheeseburger #fatty #feedee
by Todd Lovett January 27, 2007
fucking good price
The salesman gave me a FGP on the car so I bought it.
#fucking #good #price #acronym #fuckin' good price
by kajoe August 28, 2006
feel good pill(s).
I need some fgp's to get through today's bullshit.
#feel #good #pill #drugs #fuck
by lloyd dobbler January 14, 2009
Fat Girl Personality; When a fat girl tries to deceive the fact that they are fat by having the personality of a cute petite girl by excessive forwardness.
Harry: Hannah always texts me really annoying forward things....
Maddy: Yeah, cause her FGP is alive and kickin'
Harry: HAHA! That's so true.
#fat girl personality #fgp #fat girl #bad personality #annoying trait #f.g.p.
by Svettia April 12, 2010
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