an abbreviation for fucking get fucked.

can also be used as a verb.
I want to FGF tonight.

Please FGF that attitude out of him.
by Meredith Goes to China May 18, 2011
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Fat Girl Friend. A discreet way of referring to someones Fat Girl Friend.
Andreas Ahn has an FGF named Pei Chi
by Urban Dictionary August 24, 2009
Future Girlfriend
Girl: "Do you see me as your fgf?"
Boy: "I honestly do."
by TornadoTy13847 August 10, 2010
F.G.F.S = Fixed Gear Free Style
A "way" to ride a fixed gear bicycle, through tricks and spins.
J - Hey man, do you ride fixed?
D - Yeah bro, I ride FGFS.
by Hipster2TheMax October 28, 2011
For God Fucking Sake
FGFS how can anyone still be undecided in the presidential race?!
by Joan1 October 23, 2012
"Fucking Get Fucked"

1. An abbreviation that is usually shouted angrily by those who want to have sex.

2.May be used as friendly encouragement

Almost always preceded with a number sign (#).
I am going to #fgf tonight if it is the last thing I do.
by missmeredith89 May 15, 2011
Fat Girls Fucker

Use to describe people who can't get good looking ladies and settles for the fat girls.
Eww I didn't know Kyle was a FGF
by monarch April 28, 2005

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