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if you're reading this then you have too much time on your hands. Please get a life, and maybe some friends. Thanks.
I cant believe your reading this fgf definition, please get a life!
by Billy Bong Thorton July 04, 2003
14 65
Fat Girl Friend. A discreet way of referring to someones Fat Girl Friend.
Andreas Ahn has an FGF named Pei Chi
by Urban Dictionary August 24, 2009
211 27
F.G.F.S = Fixed Gear Free Style
A "way" to ride a fixed gear bicycle, through tricks and spins.
J - Hey man, do you ride fixed?
D - Yeah bro, I ride FGFS.
by Hipster2TheMax October 28, 2011
13 2
Future Girlfriend
Girl: "Do you see me as your fgf?"
Boy: "I honestly do."
by TornadoTy13847 August 10, 2010
17 9
an abbreviation for fucking get fucked.

can also be used as a verb.
I want to FGF tonight.

Please FGF that attitude out of him.
by Meredith Goes to China May 18, 2011
12 7
For God Fucking Sake
FGFS how can anyone still be undecided in the presidential race?!
by Joan1 October 23, 2012
3 0
"Fucking Get Fucked"

1. An abbreviation that is usually shouted angrily by those who want to have sex.

2.May be used as friendly encouragement

Almost always preceded with a number sign (#).
I am going to #fgf tonight if it is the last thing I do.
by missmeredith89 May 15, 2011
9 7
FGF stands for Fucking Good Friends, and means the same thing as "friends with benefits"
I'm not dating her - we're just FGF.
by Zakolantern May 29, 2005
23 25