this word is something like w00t, but have negative effect :)
Means: For Fucking Sake
FFS... u pwnd me again!
by Verloder October 17, 2006
The Berkeley "Fast File System," originally introduced in the 1984. Commonly used in implementations of BSD everywhere as a lower layer of UFS (alongside LFS).
I've got softdep toggled on my FFS partitions so, without the overhead of journalling, I can still reduce the chance of mangled data during crashes!
by anonymoso September 26, 2006
Forty Foolish Snakes

Used when there are a hell of a lot of scaled, and stupid, serpentine creatures roaming the general premise of an area you are describing.
"For fuck's sake. There has to be FFS in this house. Look at them running into walls!"
by Forty-Two April 22, 2006
means: Fried fish sauce
howd u like my fresh ffs bitch
by unknowncitizen March 04, 2007
Fast Fingers. In online games people say FFS to induce you to do something important very fast, in some seconds.
In wow: Heal me ffs!
Auctioneer at the auction chat in mtg online: Next lot has no min. FFS!
by Philolog65 January 21, 2006
abbreviation always used by tuning legend tork lad, red beast
originaly posted by Red Beast

ffs, i no wot im talkin about wen i say stuff so shut it

ffs, limo tint isnt legal but u can get dark smoke that is kinda like limo tint o n its annoyin me that ppl think tintin the front 2 windows isnt legal, it is perfectly legal jus dnt tint the front windscreen...

ive got a single bb2 back box on my 1.1 metro n besides havin a straight throught pipe it sounds like a rally car

the figures i say r probly true but im givin rough guesses
by buckas February 15, 2005
(1)for fuck's sake
(2)folly for sale :)
FFS, buy one get one free!
by tryadifferentname September 11, 2005

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