Fifty Foot Ordinance(FFO) is a rock/reggae/rap metal band of pillaging, raping, butt fiends who play awesome music that fucks pussies of the vagina and the ear simultaneously. Not once has anybody heard this band play without instantly wetting themselves. Mainly because they are the sexiest band on the face of the earth. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, you can find them raping people at bars along the beach or even raping people downtown. They are just so good that no matter how many buttholes they penetrate, they cannot be arrested due to their sheer musical prowess. They are also super fucking rockstars. Suck my balls and lick my pussy.
Dude, FFO is playing at Landshark Cafe on August 19th, 2011. You should totally go because you will get laid if you go.

Dude, FFO is playing with The Toasters at Jackrabbits on October 20th. You should totally go because you will get drugs and money if you go. Also sexual favors.
by ghettocheezwiz July 19, 2011
Top Definition
An acronym which stands for "For Fans Of", typically used by music promoters to tell people what a band might sound like and who they are similar to.
"They're an Emo band. FFO: Dads, PBTT, Dowsing, etc."
by FFO69 November 21, 2013
Acronym- Fucking Figure it Out. Used to express exasperation at an individual for an inability to solve a problem on their own. Useful when dealing with morans or children.
Student "Mister, my crayon is not working!! Help me!"

Teacher response "FFO kid"
by turbotristan December 07, 2009
A Forced Family Outing
Alex - Damn, My parents are making me go on another FFO
Sam - FFO? wtf is that?
Alex - FFO = Forced Family Outing, fool
by A Coops January 23, 2007
Far Fuckin' Out!
That vintage pic of you, hey, what can I say?---FFO! The current pics are nice too, even without the low slung hip huggers.
by witknitter July 03, 2009
A word/abbrieviation commonly used by "Cluracan", the 1337est programmer of them all. It is unknown what ffos means, as Clur never tells anyone. I, myself, googled it and found "Fist Full of Steel" but that term does not fit the context of the phrase. This term has an unknown meaning, one that will most likely never be solved. Note the pronunciation is only assumed.
Cluracan: ffos
by Metatag June 05, 2004
flipped the fuck out
Dude, I FFO'ed like a son bitch when I heard that shit.
by stahl385 July 06, 2010
For Freaks Only
"What a piece of FFO crap"
Gimmicks noone needs...
Computer Games stealing your life-time...
Software written not for normal users...
by AJCunning April 11, 2009
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