A site with forums owned by Dh who doesn't know what the fuck he is doing. He doesn't let you register with certain e-mail accounts which means that potentically cool people can't register.
I got banned at FFO for the 43rd time for trying to register with my Hotmail account.
by jimbob jones August 12, 2003
Slang: "Far Fucking Out" or "far freaking out" depending on your audience. It means the same thing as "cool" or 'tight". It is used to express appreciation for something and can/usually is substituted for the word "cool".
"Dude, I just found out that I won concert tickets on the radio"
"Far fuckin' out!"

-via text messaging-

"aye, how was that party last night?"
"ffo man.... i'm so hungover!"

70's slang, far out, cool
#cool #awesome #tight #great #excellent.
by alpha_charlie July 08, 2010
Fifty Foot Ordinance(FFO) is a rock/reggae/rap metal band of pillaging, raping, butt fiends who play awesome music that fucks pussies of the vagina and the ear simultaneously. Not once has anybody heard this band play without instantly wetting themselves. Mainly because they are the sexiest band on the face of the earth. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, you can find them raping people at bars along the beach or even raping people downtown. They are just so good that no matter how many buttholes they penetrate, they cannot be arrested due to their sheer musical prowess. They are also super fucking rockstars. Suck my balls and lick my pussy.
Dude, FFO is playing at Landshark Cafe on August 19th, 2011. You should totally go because you will get laid if you go.

Dude, FFO is playing with The Toasters at Jackrabbits on October 20th. You should totally go because you will get drugs and money if you go. Also sexual favors.
#fifty foot #ffo #fifty foot ordinance #cocks #balls #music #rock #reggae #weed #pot #alchohol #molestation #whisky #baby sex
by ghettocheezwiz July 19, 2011
An acronymn short for For Faggots Only.
"Dude my mom's making me babysit by sister all day."
"That's FFO"
#lame #gay #stupid #dumb #pointless
by Layla Qasim April 10, 2007
Just another Final Fantasy site..
"FFO, Oh God, not another one!"
by AT January 04, 2005
a flaming homosexual.
ffo has a fauxhawk that he wears with (gay) pride.
by teehee March 11, 2005
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