Abbreviation meaning Fucked For Life. Can be used to describe anyone or anything from broken objects (This is a goner) to someone who is psychologically disturbed or pathologically stupid.
"Aaron threatens to kill himself anytime a girl tries to break up with him. That kid is FFL!"
by Dana & Ang December 06, 2007
Falling From Lawling, or Falling From Loling
Chris says, "I'm actually a smart guy"
Alex says, "FFL"
by Robert Munsch and Friends July 10, 2008
Freshly Fucked Look:
It's that look a woman has in the morning right after she was fucked at home and then freshly arrives at work.
Your comment when first encountering her at the office, and with a smirk: "Why Trixie, you certainly have that FFL this morning!
by Laurence of Silverdale April 24, 2014
Friends For Life
You are my (Friends for life) F.F.L.
by Sista sista March 06, 2014
"Fatty For Life". An individual or lifestyle that revolves around the consumption of delicious food, the complete disregard for healthy caloric limits, or the style-cramping concept of regular cardiovascular exercise.
"I'm totally down for Ramen tonight. FFL!"
by k4ffy October 31, 2013
Fucked For Life
Wow, that Annie chick is FFL.
by thailandmotherfuckers December 10, 2009
flirt, fuck, leave
Girl:: But i thought he loved me!!
Friend:: Naw girl, He just hit you with that F.F.L.
by C.D.J. July 10, 2008
"for fucking life"
for life; to death

X: maybe "for fucking life" will be our always
Y: "for fucking life"
by bandsffl July 22, 2014

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