Fine from behind.
Damn, that girl looks hot. Nevermind, she was just ffb.
by Victor Chew May 27, 2003
Top Definition
Abbreviation for fatso fatty butt. A fatty with a big booty or fat ass. A lardass.
Guy #1: "Look at her! She has big tits. I'm going to try to hook up with her."

Guy #2: "Are you kidding? She's a total FFB."

Guy #1: "Really?"

Guy #2: "Yes. You're drunk. You're wearing beer goggles and you're about to go hogging.
by PMax March 07, 2008
Acronym for "fuck Facebook" -- generally used by computer programmers who realize how poorly programmed Facebook is. Also used by Facebookers who encounter bugs associated with the poor construction of the site.
WTF??? Facebook deleted half my friends!! FFB!!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
Fuck. Fake. Bitches.
Pedro- Yeah, shes fake.
Emilie- FFB!
Pedro- what?
Emilie- fuck fake bitches.
by Emiliieee October 16, 2010
Freakin' Friends, BABY!
Matt Hey! Look at those girls.
David Yeah, they're like total BFF's.
Sara Actually, we prefer... FFB's.
Matt and David What!?
by abby love February 17, 2010
Fat Fucking Bitch.
My neighbor is a FFB.
by Brewski. August 02, 2009
Future Fuck Buddies
We'll always be BFF not FFB....
by starry9 August 29, 2011
For a "friend with fringe benefits".

A close friend of either sex, who is very intimate, not in as commited a relationship as marriage but not excluding to have all the benefits of a marriage such as cohabiting, sharing confidences, etc.

Some explanation:

It started out between my friend and me, as not wanting to call our relationship just 'friendship'. Besides, we had our families, work and other commitments of social construct independent from and of each other. And we were too 'old' or 'old-fashined' to use the term boy friend/girlfriend, but not old fashioned enough to be prudish about a sexual relationship that happens when you meet someone 'special'. Hence we were 'friends' but having a variety of 'fringe benefits'!
We are FFB's who love to travel together frequently, but return to our families and all our other regular activites.
by VBangalore April 01, 2011

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