Remix again forgot me. ;_;
We found an error in your definition.

Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words.
by Magus March 03, 2005
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The Fire Emblem Social Board at GameFAQS. It is self proclaimed 'LUE JR'. It has diffrent fads, immature users, and immagrents from the FFTASB. They get banned, return, and troll. They have become enemys with 'DartTheBeserker" It's most annoying users are: Smapdi, Tyrannos, Jenna, Sneakers II, Sonic The drunken, Shadow of Evil, Kitten Army, and Cyan of Doma.
'I go to the FESB Board at Gfaqs, lolzorz ; ; ;! ZamoTo! lOl.
by Remix again May 13, 2004
It is also inhabited by the great LegaultTheAssassin another annoying user in there who has trolled and suicided many times, how dare they forget him on the above definition.
LegaultTheAssassin = The most cruel and sexiest annoying user on that board, whatch out for him.
by Manny March 03, 2005

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