Noun: First Dick Syndrome - A very common situation where a female has a false sense of affection for a male with whom she has had sex with for the first time. Most of the time, the emotions are stronger when the female lost her virginity to that guy. (Sadly, the feelings aren't mutual).
Guy 1: "Man, that girl keeps telling me that she loves me after we had sex the other day! I didn't even know she was a virgin!"

Guy 2: "And she's been calling you all week. Definitely sounds like a case of FDS bruh."
by Tar Heel Chick July 17, 2008
Female Driving Syndrome

A syndrome affecting all women around the world preventing them from being good drivers. Running into stationary objects, parking accidents, and general reckless driving are all signs of FDS. It is currently incurable.
Guy 1: Hey man, what do you think happened to that car over there?
Guy 2: Looks like a case of FDS....

Officer: Sir, what was the reason for the accident.
Guy: The other driver suffered from FDS...
by Shion314 July 07, 2011
FDS= Fuck Dat Slut
Random Bitch: "Hey, did you hear Palin's reality show isn't coming back for season 2?"

Me: "Meh. FDS."

RB: "What's FDS mean?"

Me: "Fuck...Dat...Slut"
by FangBangerCat666666 January 08, 2011

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