Noun: First Dick Syndrome - A very common situation where a female has a false sense of affection for a male with whom she has had sex with for the first time. Most of the time, the emotions are stronger when the female lost her virginity to that guy. (Sadly, the feelings aren't mutual).
Guy 1: "Man, that girl keeps telling me that she loves me after we had sex the other day! I didn't even know she was a virgin!"

Guy 2: "And she's been calling you all week. Definitely sounds like a case of FDS bruh."
#virgin #stalker #one night stand #affection #lover
by Tar Heel Chick July 17, 2008
FDS is an abbreviation for facial dick slap.
Rather than ask her to suck my dick, I just gave her a FDS.
#blowjob #oral sex #facial dick smack #dick smack #foreplay
by Bad Mama Sama October 08, 2013
Fuck Dat Shit
Yo, FDS. I don't care about him!
#damn #fuck #shit #that #idc
by epicApps August 13, 2010
A deodorizing product derived primarily to cover the stench of a female's poorly tended genitalia. Prostitutes will commonly use it to hide the rank stench that wafts from between their thighs, and then huff it from the can when there are no trix to be had.
Jimbob: "Yo, bitch! WTF! Getcho stankin' ass in da other room an' FDS da shit out dat cooch o'yers!"
Sueann: "But Pa, I dun dat right after I screwed Billybob!"
Jimbob: "Did I ask about yer brother? I ain't puttin' my pecker near dat stank until'n ya FDS it!"
#fds #stink #cooch #cunt #stank #pussy
by Mojo the Rev. September 13, 2008
Feminine Deoderant Spray
Used to spray on the crotch of your panties, so the fish will die.
Alice went to Rite Aid to buy some FDS because her poon smelled like a shit house door on a tuna boat.
by Skillett March 30, 2004
fair doos, agreeing with
ballin is in the urban dictionary don't you know

#fair doos #fds #agreeing #fair play #ok
by el cwaino February 17, 2010
Fuck doing shit.
I have a project due tomorrow, reading for the next day, and three exams the day after but FDS.
#doing shit #homework #fuck doing shit #fds #procrastinating
by Blargh Noob November 08, 2009
Term used by brazilians wich means "Foda-se!" (means "fuck you!")
- Hey dude, your shirt sucks!
- FDS!
#foda-se #fds #fuck you #vai se fuder #vsf
by Shison January 31, 2008
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