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Stands for Fashionably Dressed Lesbian. A lesbian with the fashion sense of a gay male.
Michelle: Did you see Sandy’s cardigan today?! It’s fabulous! Very modern.

Nicole: Well she *is* an FDL, I’d expect no less from her.
by NicoleLF October 10, 2008
34 14
Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints
The FDLS made news for allegedly marrying off 13 and 14 year old girls to older men.
by calicat2210 April 14, 2009
4 0
The FDL is an extention of the DL or down low, the fdl meaning f*cking Down low. Usually used to express that the fact just disclosed should never be shared
jim: Ohh your gonna propose to Mary tomarrow? Ok ill keep it on the DL.

joe: no Jim, you better keep it on the FDL.
by <blank><blank> January 08, 2009
9 5
Fat Dick Lover
Oh my God! she looks like a seal, she loves sex! fattie loves to suck dicks!
She's a FDL!!!!!!
by VelvetDancer October 27, 2009
9 8
Acronym for "Fake Dumb Loser".
Baylee: Did you see Mandy today at school? FDL much?

Mark: She doesn't need to wear a mini skirt. Ever.
by CoconutMuffin May 21, 2011
4 4
Fucking Douche Lord
That guy is such a douche! He stole my girl!
Mannn he's an FDL!
by MMFS11 January 18, 2011
2 3