"flying dog com''when a male jerks and squirts comm across the room landing in the girls mouth
that bitch caught my fdc
by sick2 October 14, 2009
Top Definition
Friday Day-Drinking Club. An event where students skip class on Friday go on to a rooftop and get hammered. Complete with it's own ritual and set of rules, this is one of the most prestigious clubs at a university.
Ben: "It's a beautiful Friday afternoon. FDC?"
Sam: "Hell yes!"
by Wenbang July 28, 2011
Short for "Fat, Dumb Cunt"

Alternate, Gentile Usage: "Floppy Disk Controller" or "Final Destination Club"
That bitch is such an FDC.
by fl0wb0t July 10, 2011
The men of the FDC are inteliigent and knowledgeable in their aspects of field artillery. They are also known for telling the moronic coworkers the "gun bunnies" what it is and where to shove it.
see: superstuds
by Rhonda January 16, 2003
Fuck da coon
doug is a raccoon so we say FDC
by DouggyB December 23, 2009
Freshman Dork Crew, chapters accross California, in dork centers such as UCSD,UCLA,UCB,CAL POLY SLO,

"lets shtay up all night and play sharades"

"crack open that 18 pack of bicardi 03"
by bhenchod August 05, 2003
The brains of any Artillery battery, these men work with retarded no brain monkeys known as "gun Bunnies".
The FDC is a kick-ass group of crazy killers...and stuff.
by Dave January 16, 2003

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