Facebook Display of Affection, a variation of PDA. Some douche uploads a profile pic of him/her making love with their wonderwall. Usually to the disgust of their peers.
Some bitch is violating FDA regulations, check it! They're doing the nasty on her prof shot.
by MacDaddy PH January 05, 2008
Similar to a PDA (public display of affection) and FDA is a "Facebook Display of Affection". These are annoying and are most commonly seen by ugly or weird couples
Brian-"holy shit my news feed is clogged with that dirty couples FDA's
by briand93 January 06, 2011
Fucking Dumb Ass;

this is used to describe anyone who is just too fucking stupid to be allowed in public.
"Is dat some FDA?"

*After watching some punk ollie off a staircase and break his skateboard on the head of a statue of a public figure in front of a group of cops on break a passerby mumbles under there breath* "what an FDA"

by Super-Hyphen- April 17, 2006
future douche-bags of america
abercrombie/hollister wearing tweeny boppers who prance around the mall EVERYDAY and think theyre sexy. they can say "big boy" words like fuck and shit!
me: see that swarm of little boys that think they are so awesome because they have hollister on and girls following them?

you: yup! they're FDA's!
by courky November 26, 2011
Facebook Display of Affection. Posting your feelings on your friends, family, or significant other's wall for all of their friends to see.
It was my birthday today, my wall was covered with FDA!
by kbnb419 April 22, 2011
The abbreviated version of "Facebook Display of Affection." Posting overly-affectionate content on Facebook on a person's wall or in a status that anyone can see.
Taken from the phrase "Public Display of Affection," or "PDA."
Tom and Jane keep posting all of this lovey nonsense on each other's walls. I'm sick of seeing their FDA everyday!
by Cobb625 September 23, 2010
Facebook display of affection

WHen people use facebook as a means to show the world who they are dating, who they're BFF with...
My ex keeps writing he loves his new girlfriend in his facebook status...I hate FDAs
by blinking_mariposa86 January 04, 2009
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