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fucking dumb asses (F.D.A is an Acronym)
They are life time members of the F.D.A.
by TheNeonQueen June 23, 2007
Acronym for "Fucking Die Already," an abbreviation for the more exasperated use of J.F.D.A., which means "Just Fucking Die Already."

Usage can be as an interjection, or an imperative (i.e. a command).
Jesus H. Christ, would you F.D.A. - you're driving 10 miles under the speed limit, fucktard!

Oh, F.D.A., this asshole is riding the brake in the fast lane again.
by SackofNuts October 28, 2012
"First Date Anal" - (noun or verb)

This term is typically used to describe a first date between a man and a woman where the evening culminated with the man drilling the woman's ass. The term was initially coined by the Gilbert brothers in Las Vegas, circa 2008. Since then, the term has started becoming part of the Southern California vernacular with a loyal following of gentlemen trying to get their piece of the FDA pie.
See if you can get Amy to set you up with her former roommate, I hear that she's an FDA

You finally went out with Amy's friend? You lucky FDA'ing motherfucker!
by magicshaq October 10, 2012
Facebook displays of affection. When we've thought we've had enough of too much PDA at times.. now we must deal with the spamming of over-the-top unnecessary wall posts, photo comments, and status updates from couples on our dashboards on Facebook. Instead of saying, "GET A ROOM!" we must now resort to, "GO ON CHAT!!"
Boy: @Sally you are my one true love, I love your lips
Girl: @Johnny oh bby we'll be together 4ever<3<3
Annoyed innocent Facebook lurker: @Sally & @Johnny stop the FDA and get on chat to save us all from barfing, please.
by Lime Navy August 06, 2011
Future DILF of America.
Dude, that 7-year-old boy over there is a total FDA.
by FDA_Pro December 07, 2010
Facebook Display of Affection: when a person's facebook picture is of him/her kissing his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. ultimately too intimate for the public's liking
Eww, look at her profile picture in the news feed! FDA much?
by heathledgerforever December 16, 2009
Facebook Display of Affection, a variation of PDA. Some douche uploads a profile pic of him/her making love with their wonderwall. Usually to the disgust of their peers.
Some bitch is violating FDA regulations, check it! They're doing the nasty on her prof shot.
by MacDaddy PH January 05, 2008