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Flying Crank Ghost. A suspended, animated, Hallowe'en prop. Originally developed/popularized by Doug Ferguson, this prop has animated arms and body and is driven by only one low rpm motor.
My haunted house has an FCG in the window.
by RobertB September 03, 2007
3 6
"fresh cut grass" is used to refer to smoking pot (marijuana)
1. The guy was busted for dealing with FCG.

2. I need to inhale some FCG
by esmanele October 28, 2009
3 2
Fat Chick Gathering...admit it, you have noticed that fat chicks tend to congregate with each other.
(At a bar)
Brian: Where are all the ladies tonight?!
Steve: Look...I think some are just coming around the corner
Brian and Steve(looking disappointed): Dammit...it's just a FCG!
by Kat88 October 03, 2007
3 2
abreviations for FROZEN CAT GIRL.
Crazy bitch that froze her cat in her fridge
"ew! FCG is coming!, Hide your cookies chapin!"
by lameass loser February 02, 2009
2 3