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Future Crack Cociane Leaders of America. Crappy student council.
"hey pete u gonna go to the FCCLA meeting today after school?"

Nah greg, I gotta deliver some crack to my customers.
by Greg Therussiuan April 29, 2008
A student-led organization available to any student enrolled in a FACS class. Students in the organization learn leadership, how to work as a team, and strengthen families. Members are also have fun while learning these lessons and many travel all over the country with FCCLA.
FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.
by Jessica Hagood March 06, 2008
Future Cooking and Cleaning Ladies of America - Career and Technical Youth organization dedicated to promoting strong image in today's youth.
Mrs. Smith, I want to learn to be a homemaker, may I join the FCCLA?
by Teetown February 14, 2009