Federal Communications Commission always complaning about something going wrong on tv Fuck The Fcc thats what i got to say ;D.
Jack and Jill hate the fcc for complaning about the superbowl and others.
by JiM March 25, 2005
a bunch of people residing in the U.S. who are conceded enough to think for the rest of us what we ALL would like to hear on the radio.
"Mommy, what's an FCC?"

"Just a bunch of ass wipes."
by the MAKinator June 27, 2005
the people who want to control what you think and get rid of people in tv and radio who are not apart of the republican party or george bushes religious right. all want to get rid of howard stern the greatest thing to happen to radio since fm
howard stern is being kicked off of the radio for saying that president bush is wrong in his views of censorship
by ralph March 12, 2004
Fucking crazy crackers
Those FCC censoring my tv!
by tare1991 March 24, 2008
An over sensitive pricks best friend. extremely corrupt organization that is destroying the first ammendment - freedom of speech, freedom to express yourself, freedom of choice and freedom to show your titties on national television. if you say a word that is on their bad list they will fine you depending on the word you used. they make it hard to understand what the osbournes are saying..

see also riia
Censored: 'those {censored}{censored}{censored} fcc {censored}{censored} can {censored} my {censored}{censored}{censored}

Uncensored: 'Those asshole pussy bullshit fcc cunt bitches can fucking suck my god damn dick'

by Justasomebody July 20, 2006
Yep, as what the other definitions said, but in additon, did u know by 2007 theyre gonna make a requirement for all tv watchers to switch to HD so its easier for them to control the airwaves? Luckily my dad got an HDTV cuz theres a good picture, but thats all an HDTV should be bought for, and nobody should be rushed to save up for one just so our fuck ass government can controll whats viewd on it! I think besides the control and censorshit, theyre also tryin' to haul in money for the major electronic comanies such as Sony, Samsung, etc. hoping to real in some of their profits. Idea sure sounds crazy but is it really that far fetched these days? I dont think so
no need for an example of the FCC here, as you will find the examples already showing their ugly face in real life no matter where you go!
by some teen dude July 14, 2006
fcc=faggy cocksucking cunts

A horrible overprotective organization of idiots who catar to those retarded easily offended hardcore Christians.
The fcc can suck my cock and lick my ass for all I care!
by kcfkcfcv May 07, 2006

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