Facebook Spy
An individual that stalks people on facebook. Or noses about on peoples facebook pages, to gossip about it.
I was on some FBS tip, and found out she's pregnant!
by Ja'e June 22, 2010
Fat Boy Swag or Fat Boy Struggle two meanings that can be used in a good or bad way.
Glenn: i cant believe you got that girls number dude
Jones: F.B.S.! dude, i got that Fat Boy Swag


Jones: dude help me out of this jacket im stuck (starts to sweat and is struggling to breathe)
Glenn: haha "F.B.S." (Fat Boy Struggle)
Jones: Thanks man! (sarcasm)
by Jones Big Bones February 05, 2010
Melissa and Aram broke up, but their relationship is now upgraded to be each others FBS when they get horny.
by Vision.NL December 25, 2009
Full Body Shot, should be required on dating sites to avoid being tricked.
The only way this whole internet thing can work is honesty, honesty, honesty. And a FBS.
by Ryan Slade January 10, 2009
acronym for Frozen Ball Syndrome. the act of testicles turning into ice cubes.
"When I was at the concert last night I came down with a serious case of FBS!"
by ToddF September 27, 2007
Acronym for "feed baby sister". Originated only to elongate the phrase "OMGWTFLOLBBQ" to "OMGWTFLOLBBQG2GFBS", but can occasionally be used literally.
Mikhail: "Alright, it's 49-49. One more kill and we win! Nobody die!"
Phineas: "G2G FBS"
*Phineas proceeds to run into the middle of the map, leave his controller unattended, and get shot in the face*
Mikhail: "...You're a dick..."
Phineas: "lol"
by BeefMonger February 18, 2008
Common abbreviation for popular breakbeat artist Fatboy Slim.
"You off t' FBS' big beach boutique tonight?"
by Bumsoft March 03, 2007

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