fat blob of shit lazy person who eats alot and orders people around
FBOS Someone who eats a lot of sweat pies
by TheMunchBunch November 07, 2007
Flaming Bag of Shit - A totally clueless and useless motherfucker.
FBOS - Flaming Bag of Shit, you can't decide whether to stomp it out or let it burn. ie. Marek.
by fbos November 04, 2006
Acronym for Furiously Beat Off. Not just masturbating, this is when you're going at it like the plane's going down and you have to get off before it crashes into the Atlantic. Also useful when you're on top of a shy girl, or see a super cute picture of cats, pandas, or bears.

Also, something can stand for Furiously Beating Off depending on the context, but honorable men can differ.
"Hey Nick, check out this YouTube video of a baby panda hugging a tiger."

"Excuse me for a minute my friend, I must go and FBO."
by Rex, the cat September 21, 2009
Faith-Based Organization -- a company that is losing money -- or is almost bankrupt -- where the employees have to PRAY they'll still have jobs each week.
Bob Crandall works for a FBO -- a faith-based organization. Everyone at that airline has to PRAY they have enough cash for payroll every two weeks!
by SFdoubleu November 27, 2009
Female Birth Organism-a woman who gives birth to a child(ren) but does not display characteristics usually associated with women who are considered "nurturing mothers" These females usually resort to either neglecting or killing the children.
FBO leaves newborn infant in dumpster.
by sadperson January 05, 2008
Facebook official
"Did you hear about Alex and Sarah? yea it's definitely fbo that they're together"
by UNOKOZUE March 17, 2010
Facebook Official. The term given to those who have gone public with their relationship on Facebook. If you're not FBO, you're not that serious.
Are you guys FBO yet?
by Mishibelle January 24, 2010
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