Fucked by Nature
aw I feel sorry for that kid he was FBN.
by juked May 13, 2009
Top Definition
Abreviation for 'Fat Boy Not Slim'
Derived from the popular DJ Fat Boy Slim and referrs to an overwieght boy. (or he/she)
Jess: OMG there's F.B.N.S!
Rosie: Who?
Jess: You know, that fat kid who looks like a rhino!
Rosie: shit! run before he eats us!!!! :O
by Rosie_xx February 02, 2007
The event when one's caloric intake kicks in after a large meal, and said eater becomes very tired. Keeping one's eyes open proves challenging, and an approaching full belly napsie becomes evident.
After all that Indian food and this long cab ride, I feel a FBN coming on!
by brandonhasnoclue August 17, 2010
Abbreviation: "Funny, But No"

Originally a designation by Hallmark writers for cards that were amusing but not suitable for sale to the public.
Guy 1: "Hey, come check out this clown bondage porn!"
Guy 2: "What th... FBN, man, FBN!"
by Papillon March 28, 2006
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