A group known as the "Future Business Leaders of America" that meets in high schools around the country. Most of these kids think they are going to be highly successful in business because of their sheer wit, but many perform poorly in school and end up in community college. Not all they are cracked up to be!
74% of FBLA seniors graduating this year will be attending Delaware County Community College.
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by Uber Super Sexy Love June 19, 2006
Top Definition
An awesome high school organization for all ethnicities to join together in a common goal of improving skills, strategies, and knowledge of all things business. These future business leaders can either coorperate in teams or individually to participate in competitions. Also, any haters who think otherwise can go screw themselves because the name itself (at the very least) describes how the students who participate in it, only aspire to excellence. Now if only you could ACTUALLY meet the students in it, you would take that back (especially in Texas:D)
The FBLA student won the lottery, made his own business, and became the richest, youngest, money maker in history. (maybe.)
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by Not very Annonymous September 06, 2010
"Frodo Baggins Licks Apples" according to a guessing Ally (StrayAllyCat on youtube) in an FTFK (ForeverTheFiveKids) video.
What's "Fuh-Bla?"
You mean "FBLA?"
"Frodo Baggins Licks Apples" of course!
#youtube #foreverthefivekids #strayallycat #abbreviations #shakira #video
by Sweetsunshinecamper October 20, 2011
Fucking Butt Licking Assholes
FBLA: Someone please shit on my face, so I can eat it!

Me: Wow...That guy is such a FBLA
#deca #fbla #shut up fag #lube #piss #god damnit
by Formelly Knows As Frank Foobile October 26, 2005
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