Federally Busted Iraqi.
How many more things do you think FBI could stand for?
by anonymous December 01, 2004
A person From the Big Island of Hawai'i visiting another island, especially O'ahu.
person 1: Where are you from?

person 2: F.B.I.!
by Mariann November 19, 2007
Fat, black and independent
Girl, you're so FBI, you dont need no man.

Shoot girl I know, I stay bouncin this junk in the trunk for those single men.
by BlackChan92 July 07, 2014
Face Book Idiot: A person whom you've never met, befriends you on Facebook, and after reading your comments and looking at your profile...thinks they know you, and begins to judge you as such. This person begins to comments on conversations you are having with "real friends" you know as if they know you. Seriously? This is the epitome of an F.B.I.
You know that guy that trolls me once in awhile? Well, he just commented on a conversation I was having with my brother and said something so unreasonable as if he knows me. Really? Let's hope this guy never ends up on a jury. Time to block him, he's an F.B.I.
by Gangster Barbie December 02, 2012
fake booby implants
nuff said
by solaris December 15, 2003
Fucking bitches, incorporated.
I work for the FBI.
by Persephone~ January 09, 2010
an acronym that stands for Federal Bureau of Investigations. Also an acronym for Face Book Investigations one of the F.B.I.'s internet crimes divisions.
I called the F.B.I. on somebody who is stalking me on facebook and the operator referred me to the Face Book Investigations unit.
by PseudoCOP December 08, 2009
Freakin' Balls Itch
Andrew - Dude I was on this date when all of a sudden I got some major FBI.

Dallen - What did you do?

Andrew - Gave the FBI a good scratch.
by BC Bane November 20, 2009

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