Fuck Buddies Forever
"Yo man i hooked up with sally last night she said she wants to be my FBF."
by Spencer C August 25, 2006
Face book Freak- FBF is short for it. Some people are becoming myspace-like facebookers, and this is where the term comes from.
Betty was having a wall-to-wall With John 24/7.
So Betty's best friend told her "omg betty stop being a FBF!"

pronounced, EFF-BEE-EFF.
by Geana<33 February 21, 2009
Finance Guy Boy Friend
My FBF (Finance guy Boyfriend) works at a hedge fund. With a different financial institution collapsing daily, his trading positions had been blowing up and so was our relationship.
by YvesNY January 28, 2009
Fit but fifteen!
"Man that girl is so hot!"
"Yeah, but you'd go to jail dude, she's FBF"
by megapete April 30, 2009
Future Best Friends - Noun

When you are going to marry your girlfriend/boyfriend someday his/her best friend will also become your best friend.
Me and Olivia are FBFs because I am marring Olivia's Bestfriend
by Ricky Heckbert May 10, 2008
FBF - Fat Best Friend, the compulsory companion of the attractive boy/girl you are trying to pull. It is best in these situations to get a friend to take one for the team.
Also see Nottie.
"Aww man, take one for the team with her fbf, so i can move in."

"Her damn fbf wont leave us alone."
by Stulad March 04, 2005
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