Facebook Fuck:

When you go to a hot person's facebook page and begin to simulate what it would be like to fuck them.
Mark: Have you seen Taylor?
Robert: No, show me her Facebook.
Mark: This is what she looks like.
Robert: Oh man, I'm totally FBFing her tonight *moans*
by MadamCurie February 06, 2010
Face blunt Friday. a college tradition to start of the official weekend. after a hard week's work of classes, homework, and exams the best way to relax is to smoke a blunt to your face with your best friends.

FBF usually starts right after classes so you have something to do to fill the time void between end of classes and the start of parties. you're high will last until and after it's time to party making for an even better Friday night.
1. dude all-time record for FBF. 15 people... that's 15 blunts and half ounce of weed all smoked at once! i love FBF!

2. i was so fucked after smoking that blunt to my face. it was so worth it. can't wait for next week's FBF!
by ilovebutreallyhatecollege January 31, 2010
Abbreviation for "facebook friend".

Similar to BFF, only 1000x less personal.
Girl 1: "So I was talking to my cousin's roommate's little brother the other day, and..."

Girl 2: "Hey, I know him!"

Girl 1: "Really? How?"

Girl 2: "We're FBFs. Duh."
by damnteenager108 January 20, 2010
FaceBook Friend(s)

A friend with whom you used to hang out or whom you used to see very often, but now your relationship is only limited to some occasional Facebook commenting on each others' photos, poking and whatnot. You do not even call these people on the phone anymore. your connection on Facebook is just to show them you're still friends, although you might not really be or want to see them.
-Wow! You and Jim still party? I saw his comment on your page the other day.
-no man, our situation has gone from BFF to FBF!
-I see.
by Sinsubz December 28, 2009
former best friend - someone who used to be the BFF, but something went wrong
my FBF seems to be ignoring me lately...
by morbidcafe September 22, 2009
Fuck buddy friend. Someone who you use purely for sex.
Eric: "So do you like Butters then?"
Kyle: "No, not at all. She's just an FBF."
Eric: "Woah, that's harsh, she seems really nice but I guess I would too. Chins up."
by MaddieClip December 14, 2009
Future Boyfriend!

Usually used as a joke between girls when they see ugly or really old men.
"Ohh look! It's your FBF!"
by Bethana April 09, 2009
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