FBF - Fat Best Friend, the compulsory companion of the attractive boy/girl you are trying to pull. It is best in these situations to get a friend to take one for the team.
Also see Nottie.
"Aww man, take one for the team with her fbf, so i can move in."

"Her damn fbf wont leave us alone."
by Stulad March 04, 2005
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Foul Bachelor Frog. An Advice Dog Spin-off. One of the only good ones, since almost all /b/tards can relate.
Oh wow, another FBF thread. Haven't seen one of these in fucking 10 minutes.
by brett69xxx June 28, 2010
Flash Back Friday.

Typically used on a social media site, as a hashtag.
by Jaydeny77 February 21, 2014
Foul Bachelor Frog, sometimes refereed to as "Facebook frog".

The FBF is a well know "meme" on 4chans /b/ random board, it is a picture of a bullfrogs head with a green pattern background, people add text on a website called meme generator that is agreeable and adheres to "foul bachelor behavior". This is one of the most popular memes on the /b/ board as many people who frequent /b/ can relate to it.

The text that people put on the picture is usually in a simple "event" - "reaction" context (see examples)

The text, when done properly usually contains a common, normally undesirable character trait being expressed, such as wearing dirty clothing, "fapping" (masturbating) into a sock, wearing a fapped into sock, microwaving a harddrive out of paranoia, not caring about surroundings, being disoriented about what time it is after an unexpected nap, etc. etc.
(Top) See picture of rotting dick on /b/

(Bottom) Fap 2 minutes later

(Top) Clothing worn once on the floor
(Bottom) Floordrobe

(Top) Wake up, see 2:00 on the clock
(Bottom) Look out window to see if AM or PM

You get the gist of it. FBF.
by Tater Topher July 27, 2010
FaceBook Flirting
"Dude, I've been FBFing with this girl for the past couple of days, finally meeting up with her today."
"Yeah bro, FaceBook Flirting"
"Dude, I FBF with shmits all day!"
by thedean May 25, 2012
Facebook friends
I'm not even FBFs with Nate.
by knames1001 April 19, 2009
Fuck buddies forever
Bob and shirley are fbf
by Brookethebook December 08, 2010
FaceBook Friend (n)

1) The facebook version of a "BFF.";

2) A person that you are friendly with and/or think is cool but don't necessarily hang out or know.
a. Co-worker: "Don't worry we're FBFs so I'm sure we'll keep in touch after I leave."
b. New acquaintance: "Hey, it was really good meeting/you hanging out last night. Let's be FBFs and get together soon."
c. You: "I wouldn't say were like friend-friends...we're just FBFs."
by PT/dojo July 08, 2013

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