-Fucking Bored Day
-Fucking Boring Day

An expresion used when your day sucks!
I have a FBD

FBD dude!
by Sky Zer0 November 11, 2010
Top Definition
Free Beat Down, or a beat down given to someone for free
I gave that punk-ass nug an FBD for the low low price of free 99
by MJMizzle September 02, 2006
Free-Body Diagram
A picture, drawn in physics classes, that shows each force acting on an object. The object is usually shown by a dot, and only shows the forces acting on THAT object, hence the name, "free-body" diagram.
Let's just draw a FBD on the board here of a ball rolling down a ramp
by flash2lightning June 27, 2009
FBD = full blown drunk

When you've gone past the point of tipsy and on your way to total slurring.
Krissy: oh I couldn't have another drink. I'm already tipsy.
Adam: Tipsy?!?!?!? You're FBD!!!!
by zjmj7 June 09, 2010
An fbd is a facebook douchebag. This includes males with too many friends at least 150 of which they will never converse to or a female with an excess of friends at least 200 of which they will never converse with
That guy thinks he is cool because he has so many "friends" on facebook but he is really a fbd.
by Alex Galan and Nick Bayati September 07, 2008
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