FBBS is commonly known as facebook boredom syndrome. When someone stays on facebook anywhere from thirty seconds to hours long they develop this syndrome.

Symptoms of FBBS may include the following:
feeling bored
wishing you could go somewhere
hoping you get a IM from someone
feeling lonely
Girl: "UGH, im dying of FBBS.. i can't take it anymore"

Boy: "ME TOO, but there is nothing better to do."

Girl: "Right, i guess everyone on facebook has FBBS"

Boy: "i agree"
by do it for yourself November 03, 2010
Top Definition
FaceBook Bitch
jenny is such a FBB! all day long she is on my profile, snooping up on me.
by greycellsinxs August 24, 2009
According to the movie "Alfie," every guy only pays attention to a girls Face, Boobs, and "Bum."
Some guy: That girl has nice F.B.B.
by tins June 29, 2005
Facebook beef.
"Man, did you see Anna and Laura going back and forth on my facebook post? That's some fbb right there."
by Hoyle June 15, 2012
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