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Acronym for Full Body Anal Fisting
Verb: To enter one's partner, fists first, with one's entire body.
Noun: The act of fbafing.
Adj: A derogatory adjective, expressing annoyance.
Pronunciaton: fuh-baf
Verb: Did you hear? Felix fbafed Costy last night.
Noun: Nick and Katie had a good fbaf last night.
Adj: God, that exam was so fbaf.
by Tom Low May 23, 2006
Full Body Anal Fisting
To have one's entire body inside another. fists first, entry through the anus

adjective/ verb
Costy fbafed Felix last night

Nicks fisting of katie was fbaf
by Oliver B-G October 24, 2005
Fat Black Anal Fingering
The act of fingering a womans anus and possibly sniffing your fingers afterwords
Ricky was jerkin himself to FBAF
Travis would like to experience FBAF with this one chick from school
by FBAF March 14, 2008
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